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10 December 2014



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Once You Step, You Just Can't Stop

Step Buy Step turns your everyday walk into a fun, family-friendly adventure in a gorgeous cartoon world. We track every step you take and turn them into 'Stepps', a magical currency you can use to expand your caravan of companions. Buying companions earns you more Stepps for each step, until you’re crossing entire countries in a single stride!

With five exciting challenges, dozens of adorable animal adventurers to join you on your journey, and gorgeous graphics by artist Estee Chan, Step Buy Step is the only pedometer you need, and the greatest ambulatory adventure you’ll ever have.

Step Buy Step is released on 10 December 2014 for iPhone, priced at $1.99/€1.79/£1.49, and has no in-app purchases.

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Six to Start are the co-creators of Zombies, Run! and The Walk, the world's bestselling smartphone fitness games, with over a million players in total.

Step Buy Step uses Six to Start’s extensive experience with gaming, storytelling and fitness to bring you the world’s first pedometer adventure. Your daily walk will never be more fun, as you travel the world, racing to complete Phileas Fogg’s challenges and expanding your retinue of animal adventurers using your hard-earned Stepps.


  • Step Across The World: We don’t just track your steps, we make them legendary. Throughout the game, you’ll build up your team of companions, each adding their steps to your own until you’re covering entire countries in a single stride!
  • Colourful Companions: From a faithful dog to a cloud of plankton, you’ll be using your Stepps to gather an unforgettable gang to help you on your adventures.
  • Gorgeous Graphics: Artist Estee Chan has created beautiful backdrops and characters, bringing your adventures to life as you race to beat Phileas Fogg’s challenges.


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  • "I think the Zombies, Run! team has succeeded in something no one has before, not even Nintendo; it honestly makes geeks get off the couch. Congrats, team. You deserve a cookie."
    - Mur Lafferty, Escapistmagazine.com
  • "[#2 Most Innovative Company in Fitness]... This Kickstarter-funded app is one part audio book, one part video game, and one party sneaky personal trainer."
    - Kate Rockwood, Fastcompany.com
  • "Zombies, Run! is a really cool way to get outside and exercise. If you've needed some added motivation, try the fear of an untimely and horribly gruesome death."
    - Adam Dachis, Lifehacker.com
  • “Superhero Workout provides another effective, immersive workout experience that draws players in with narrative and context, but ultimately gives them stellar results.”
    - Andrew Hayward, Digital Arts
  • "How an indie took on Nike, challenged the rules of narrative design, and started the Kickstarter revolution."
    - Mark Walton, Gamespot.com

About Six to Start

Six to Start is an independent game developer based in London, specialising in storylike games and game-like stories. Their latest games include Zombies, Run!, the world's bestselling smartphone fitness app, and The Walk, the first smartphone fitness game funded by the UK's Department of Health.

Six to Start was founded in 2007. It's made treasure hunts and games involving millions of players for Channel 4, the BBC, and Muse, along with cutting-edge fiction for Penguin and Macmillan that's been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. The company also conducts research and development for companies including Disney Imagineering, Microsoft, and the British Museum.

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Adrian Hon

Alex Primavesi
Developer, Designer

Estee Chan

Georgina Hulland-Brown

Matt Wieteska

Sophie Baker

Jem Alexander

Brad Porter
Writer, QA and Support

Lou Atherton
QA and Support

Special thanks to:
Mohsen Ramezanpoor, Pavel Dudrenov, Jeremy Stevens, Babu Madhikarmi, Marcel Cutts

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